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Content Creation

Words have power, and in a world with increasingly shorter attention spans it's becoming increasingly...wait...did I lose you already? Summary: You have a story. I write it down. The townspeople rejoice.

Social Media

Can't figure out The Facebook? Living your best life on Instagram, but those captions tho? Need to Tweet, but that character count has you backed up? Say no more fam. #blessed


Some businesses need service descriptions. Some need informative blog posts. Some need snarky newsletters. All of it should be optimized for search engines. For a low fee, I tame the Google beast with sorcery.

Media Relations

We are here to spread the good news. Coming from a background in journalism has its perks. Minimal student loans, an unhealthy obsession with grammar, and access to some of the top media contacts in the industry. Also a fine collection of spiral notebooks. 

Public Relations

Watch an episode of Absolutely Fabulous. Pay close attention to Eddie. Note the way this drunken socialite schmoozes her way through the land of PR DAHLING. This is not what I do, however you may request an appointment during which I will explain the benefits of PR, and we can marathon two seasons of Ab Fab. 


Curious about how much all this is going to cost you and why? Well that just so happens to be our most 

Frequently Asked Question. 

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